Audi Ersatzteile Jürgen Sütterlin
Hettweg 1 | D - 77694 Kehl
Tel: +49 (0)173 3 237 306
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Terms of delivery
  Phone +49 (0)173 3 237 306
And the best solution is Fax +49 (0) 78 54 / 986 955
  Email info@audiersatzteile.de
If you want to order something. Please give us the year of car, model, chassis number , the list of parts that you wish to order, shipping adress, phone or email, We will send you a confirmation with all parts all prices the carriage charges / shipping and the total sum. Minumum order 25 Euro

Carriage Charges:

Export orders for delivery outside the EU or for EU countries are priced individually based on the weight and dimension of the package . Dimensions: length more than 120cm, please ask shipping charges. All good are sent with UPS andare insured against damaged.

Carriage Charges EU Countries
Parcel : 1 until 40 kg   send with UPS ( insured), example
Country   Charges
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria    Euro 15 until 25 Euro
France, Italia, England Scotland, Wales GB   15 Euro until 28 Euro
Eire, Finland Portugal Spain, Sweden   17 Euro until 35 Euro

All other countries in EU, please ask (prices change without notice)
Carriage Charges outside EU Countries
Parcel: 1kg - 40 kg shipping with UPS (insured )
Country   Charges
Switzerland, Liechtenstein,    15 Euro until 43 Euro
USA , Canada , Australia, South Africa , Thailand , South America , Namibia   28 Euro until 50 Euro
(prices change without notice)
Money transfer:   we send you the bank account, IBAN / SWIFT by fax or email, please add bank tax
Guarantee and Returns

Returns : we offer a 14 day return policy . If for any reason you are not happy with an product simply email us (info@audiersatzteile.de). As long as they are in re-saleable conditon we will issue a full refound for the part. This offer does not include special order items, books tools , electrical parts or used parts. Parts that have been painted or fitted are also excluded.

Damaged goods or shortages: If there is any damage or missing part we need to know within 1 working day of the delivery
Return exchange parts : your old exchange parts must be shipped prepaid to our company (Audiersatzteile Jürgen Sütterlin) . they must be initiated within 14 days! As long they are in useable condition we will send your deposit back. OR :send us your old parts with your order!


Prices including VAT @ 19 %. All prices are subject to change without notice !
TVA tax free orders outside or inside EU countries: please add 30 Euro for customs documentation !

No discount or nice price or best price or special price or ..i do not know
Do not just compare price . Quality often costs more

Audi Ersatzteile Jürgen Sütterlin
Hettweg 1
D - 77694 Kehl
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